20 Killer Resources For WordPress Users & Developers

I’ve been using WordPress since 2005 and I swear by it these days, simply because its so versatile, infinitely customisable, robust, oh, and its free too. My early experience with content management systems was with PHP-Nuke, then Mambo, Joomla and B2Evolution (B2/Cafelog, was the precursor to WordPress). But there has been incredible development on WordPress in the following years and […]

Some Key SEO Tips From The Top

I was lucky enough to be in Brighton UK last month for the increasingly¬†influential¬†Brighton SEO search marketing conference. There was a wide range of attendees, the majority seemed to be from London and the south (naturally) with a handful of Northerners and overseas attendees. And much talk that the 1000 tickets for the event sold out in 13 minutes! It […]

Why Bother Having A Resume?

I’m not a big fan of marketing ‘guru’s’ (they’re usually self proclaimed for one thing) but Seth Godin is a big exception as his words of wisdom can usually be adapted to most fields. Anyway one of his older¬†blog posts (which seems even more relevant in todays job market) said: “I think if you’re remarkable, amazing or just plain spectacular, […]