WordPress Viral Product Launch: Digital Music Distribution Handbook 2013

Buzzsonic Digital Music Distribution Handbook 

Its been a long time coming.

A couple of years ago now, I finished a series of three blog posts over at Buzzsonic.com which focussed on rounding up all the digital music distributors at the time and giving a bit of a one stop resource for bands and musicians to refer to. Later on I hastily cobbled together the three lengthy posts into one document and posted it over at GDocs for prosperity with the promise of a much needed polish and update.

Finally its well underway and being completely rewritten with many much needed updates and additions and also a great deal of re-organisation and polish!

This time there will be coverage of over fifty digital music distributors, including rundowns on direct-to-fan tools and services and things like chart registration, barcodes and stuff on performing rights societies (PROs), getting paid, vinyl bundling, ISRC codes (and why you need them/what they are!) and the importance of metadata (and SEO).

Sign up to be notified at Buzzsonic. It’ll be in PDF format only initially with maybe a Kindle version a little later. The PDF will be free.

To gather email addresses and do a bit of ‘viral’ pre-release promo I’ve been trying both the Launch Effect WordPress theme (hooked up to Mailchimp) and the Seed Prod Coming Soon Pro plugin (running with Wysija for sign ups).

Seedprod for simple get up and go, took minutes with Wysija for email signups and was well worth the $29 for the premium version. And I’m actually still using the free version of Launch Effect as the post-sign up landing page. Seedprod is a plugin where as Launch Effect is a theme. Wysija it is for now as there’s a mere trickle of signups so something more robust (if needed) can always been upgraded too. Wysija Premium is $99 a year for 2000+ subscribers which compares well with Mailchimps $120.

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